Loina Lost to Bass Strait – Another DH86 crashes & all are lost – by Brian Peace FRPSL (ASP V11N3)

On 2 October 1935 Holymans Airways VH-URT Loina, operating its second ever scheduled airline service from Melbourne to Launceston, with a stop at Flinders Island, was lost in Bass Strait, with no survivors.
VH-URT took off from Essendon Aerodrome at 0815 and was approaching Flinders Island on schedule. Loina disappeared when approaching the Pat’s River aerodrome, Flinders Island. She had wound up her aerial in preparation for landing, had been observed just off the south end of Prime Seal Island by the Flinders Island wireless operator, and minutes later, had disappeared.

Brian Peace FRPSL tells the story, investigating the recovered mail headed for Flinders Island, Launceston and Hobart.

For the full article, refer to V11N3.