Revisiting the 2d Grey Roo – Part 1 – by Peter van Meurs (ASP V10N4)

Kangaroo & Map enthusiasts who love collecting 1d Red Roo varieties know that another popular area is the 2d Grey Roo. But Peter van Meurs believes the field of 2d Grey varieties may be bigger than anyone really suspects.

There are plenty of known and listed 2d Grey ‘Roo and Map’ varieties listed in the catalogues, but Peter van Meurs has spent years studying this issue and believes he has found many more seemingly common ‘flaws’ that may prove to be varieties. Some crop up frequently enough to arouse more than curiosity, so readers are invited to add their own discoveries to Mr van Meur’s project. With some regular varieties exposed as well, this series of articles will enrich your knowledge and explore what well may be future listed varieties.

For the full article, refer to V10N4.