Revisiting the 2d Grey Roo – Part 2 by Peter van Meurs (ASP V10N5)

ASP readers have responded well to Peter van Meurs’ research into the unlisted flaws of the 2d Grey Roo. In this issue, he brings us further details on the stamps shown or discussed in our last issue, then reveals new examples.

We again bring readers a rich selection of examples of unlisted flaws in the 2d Grey Kangaroo and Map issues identified in an extensive survey conducted by Peter van Meurs. He has spent years studying this issue and is confident his research has flushed out numbers of unlisted flaws that are in sufficient numbers to render them potential listed varieties in future. Such flaws may well be worth collecting if they end up listed. We have also interspersed, to assist developing collectors, some additional illustrations of actual listed varieties.

For the full article, refer to V10N5.