Revisiting the 2nd Grey Roo – Part 5 – By Peter van Meurs (ASP V11N3)

Peter van Meurs continues his series on the unlisted flaws in the 2d Grey ‘Roo’ and Map printings with further notes on his extensive study of considerable quantities of thisissue. He includes helpful notes on ways to distinguish between indistinct dies – and winds up this part of his work.

Details in this part of Peter van Meurs’ investigation of unlisted flaws of the 2d Grey Kangaroo and Map printings include information on Die IIA stamps, along with descriptions and illustrations of interesting flaws the search disclosed. A summary diagram (or ‘map’) of discoveries itemised in Part 5, similar to the well-received “map” of the new Die I issues in the previous instalment, Part 4, will be provided in due course. Release of a monograph based on this series is under discussion.

For the full article, refer to V11N3.