Stamps of Victoria – The Halfpenny Part II

In ASP Volume 6, Issue Number 2 (ASP V6N2) Les Molnar explored aspects of the lowest denomination ever issued by the colony of Victoria – the humble halfpenny. Mr Molnar was quick to add that this diminutive stamp might seem to some to have “few redeeming qualities”, but he assured readers it has “an amazing history”. Last issue, Mr Molnar explained aspects of the 1874 issue; the 1891 UPU Reprints; the “No Postage” issue; the POSTAGE issue; and the V4 Watermarked Printings. Back copies are available if you missed that issue. Variations in all aspects of production of these stamps provide a rich field from which collectors “in the know” can harvest items to their advantage. Now, the saga of the Victorian Halfpenny stamp continues where we left off.