Volume 1 Issue 2

V1N2 DARWIN BOMBED-150dpi x 12cm

In this issue

The discovery of 1942 censored covers and letters from famous author, Raymond Paull, triggers memories of the horrendous days when in 1942 Japanese Zero fighters as illustrated on our cover – Story page 14.

News & Editorial

  • Phenomenal Sydney Expo 2007 Success More Details
  • APTA Tasmanian Stamp Shows
  • Tragic Stamp Theft
  • AP‘s Crack New Issue
  • Raymond Paull’s Darwin War Letters Found – With Vivienne Benton More Details
  • Smithy – From Fighter Pilot To Hollywood – With John Leah More Details
  • Secrets of the Savvy Roo Buff – With Jude Koch More Details
  • Nobu Shirase – Antaratic Explorer Part II – With Ronald Hill More Details
  • White Feathers By Post – With Brian Pope More Details
  • Superb Aussie Postcards – With Bernard Wallace
  • Wallis – Dragged Edward Off His Throne – With John deFreitas More Details
  • Life-Changing Experiences – SA Postmarks – With Ashley Cotter-Cairns
  • A Belgian Engineering Miracle – With Michael Barden
  • How The Postie Kept The Boys Clean – With David L. Straight More Details
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