Volume 1 Issue 4


In this issue

When life could be so pleasant, why do men fight disgusting wars? Why did so many young Aussies and Kiwis volunteer to fight in WWI? Why did they die by the tens of thousands, and for what? What can philately teach us about these cataclysmic events? Story page 10.

News & Editorial

  • Subscribers to Market ASP P-Stamps
  • An AP Hit For Garden Lovers
  • Aussies & Kiwis Together In Death – WWI – With John Leah More Details
  • Fortunes Made In Tassie Mining – With Torsten Weller
  • Smithy Turns Judas – With John Leah More Details
  • Groovy or an Insult – NZ’s Kapa Haka Set – With Tony Thackery
  • The 1971 ‘Chrissie Pressie’ From the PMG 0 With Peter Haslem
  • Roo Fever – On Stamp Grading – With Jude Koch More Details
  • Baron De Thierry – A Deluded Mind – With Gary Watson More Details
  • Ten Great Reasons To Collect Postmarks – With Ashley Cotter-Cairns
  • Drama of Edward VIII Unadopted Essays – With Bill Barrell More Details
  • Cuba Libre! War of Independence Stamps – With Ronald Hill
  • Uncle Sam Borrows Stamp Tax Tricks – With David L. Straight More Details
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