Volume 1 Issue 5

In this issueV1N5  SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE - 8cm

Our beloved Sydney Harbour Bridge – inspiration for so many great stamps – has inspired many courageous men to bold acts. We pay tribute to the Bridge and to some of the “characters” who have shared its history. Story page 10.

News & Editorial

  • Strong But Selective – Auction Results
  • Mother of Bridges – Sydney Harbour Bridge – John Leah More Details
  • New Zealand’s First ‘Express’ Car Stamp – Christopher Moor More Details
  • Express Delivery Car Controversy
  • The Knives Are Out As Smithy Covets The Pacific More Details
  • Messines – Appalling Aussie & Kiwi Losses More Details
  • Guillaux Item Promises Ripper Year Ahead More Details
  • Arthur Gray & The Roos Of The Covenant – Robin Stewart
  • Stamp Fever – King George V Heads – Jude Koch
  • The Mad Barron Thierry Part II – Gary Watson More Details
  • Modernissimo – Norfolk & Pitcairn Stamps More Details
  • British Association Tour of Africa 1905 – With Ashley Cotter-Cairns
  • Crash of C-47a Dakota VH-Cup – Brian Peace FRPSL
  • Hitler’s GB Stamp Forgery War – Bill Barrell More Details
  • USA Combo Air Mail Covers – David L. Straight More Details
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