Volume 2 Issue 1


In this issue

Attack on the Japanese carrier Shoho by SBD Dauntless pilots from the USS Lexington, May 4 1942. From an original painting entitled “The Battle of the Coral Sea” by Robert Taylor © The Military Gallery, Wendover, England. Story page 10.

News & Editorial

  • Sizzling Start to 2008 – AAMC New Edition
  • Bold Buyers Scorn Recession Talk
  • Top Two ASP P-Stamps – Keviii & Errol Flynn
  • How the Yankees Saved Oz in the Coral Sea – John Leah More Details
  • Megatons of Silver & Lead – & A Stamp Legacy – Torsten Weller More Details
  • First Australia-New Zealand Flight Tragedy – Brian Peace More Details
  • Kingsford Smith – Pacific Do or Die More Details
  • Flynn’s Stouch with a Cuckolded Husband More Details
  • Secrets of Robes, Dies, Flaws & Papers – KGV1 – Jude Koch More Details
  • The Propaganda Overprints (of WWII) – Bill Barrell More Details
  • Von Mucke Toughs It Out – Ayesha’s Freedom Bid “Greens” – The USA Parcel Postage Dues – David L. Straight More Details
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