Volume 2 Issue 2


V2N2-SORRY-DAYIn this issue

When Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered his apology to the Stolen Generation and the Aborigines for their suffering he made history, started a healing process – and provided philatelists with an interesting event-related theme to explore. There are plenty of historic stamps celebrating Aboriginal culture – and now ASP has launched a “Sorry Day” P-Stamp. Story Page 8.

News & Editorial

  • ASP Launches New Stamp Type: “Event” P-Stamps
  • “Sorry Day” – A New Thematic Opportunity – Peter Haslem More Details
  • Battle Is Joined As The Coral Sea Explodes – John Leah
  • Mines Go Broke While Others Supply The Empire – Torsten Weller More Details
  • Smithy’s High-Risk ‘Hop’ From Hawaii To Suva – Charles Kingsford Smith & Charles Ulm More Details
  • A Kiwi, A Sherpa – Two Heroes We’ll Never Forget – Christopher Moor
  • Legacy of a Queen – The Qeii Period 1952 – 1956 – Jude Koch More Details
  • Horrific RAF Transport Command Crash – Brian Peace
  • A Frugal Wonder: China – Tasmania Cover – Ronald Hill More Details
  • The Lawrence of Yemeni Philately – David L. Straight
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