Volume 2 Issue 3


In this issue

Controversy has surrounded the sinking of HMAS Sydney since November 1941. Our story traces the history of the battle and looks at how discovery of the wrecks of the Sydney and its presumed destroyer, the “Kormoran”, has settled the uncertainty. Or has it? Acknowledgement: Photo of uplifted deck on cover courtesy of Finding Sydney II Foundation.

News & Editorial

  • P-Stamp Distribution Changes. All Can Buy.
  • Launch of the 8th Edition of AAMCC
  • “The Quiet Australian” – Tim Ryback Auction
  • Stuart Leven Collection For Auction In Oz
  • Wreck of HMAS sydney Find Open Old Wounds – John Leah More Details
  • ASP Issues HMAS Sydney Discovery P-Stamps
  • Earliest-Known NT Letter Discovered
  • Memories of Di Choke Up NZ Collectors – Christopher Moor More Details 
  • The “Inverted Swan” Was Framed! More Details
  • The Day The Qantas ‘No Crash’ Record Crashed
  • Smithy, Ulm, Dice with Death – Again! More Details
  • AAMC – Was and Still Remains – Essential
  • Flynn – Lousy Actor But They Loved Him – Peter Haslem
  • The Niche Role of the USA 7c Rate – David L. Straight
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