Volume 2 Issue 4


In this issue

Lawrence of Arabia received all the credit for “winning” the Arab Revolt in the Middle East. But it was men of the ANZAC corps – and the Australian Ligt Horse who really won Damascus.

News & Editorial

  • Max Stern In Israel Presents Unique Stamps Sheet
  • Auction Result Defies Trend
  • Great Rarities At Australasia Auction
  • Lawrence of Arabia & The Light Horse – John Leah
  • The Case of the Illegally Plated Truck – Christopher Moor
  • The Great White Fleet in NZ and Oz – John DeFreitas
  • Into the Oven: The Delights of “PNG” – Jude Koch More Details
  • Miserly Smithy Covers Himself In Glory – John Leah
  • Flynn Accused of Foul Crime – Peter Haslem More Details
  • 1938 Cancer Fight – Ronald Hill
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