Volume 2 Issue 5


In this issue

Japan had been bloodied in the Battle of the Coral Sea – but not beaten. Now, they planned to ambush the USA navy in the Battle of Midway – and seize the Pacific. The USA had other ideas. Story P 10.

News & Editorial

  • Phialtelists On Stamps – Another ASP First?
  • Beijing – Some Good News/Bad News/Good News
  • The Battle of Midway – Prelude – John Leah More Details
  • Philatelists of Renown – Alec Rosenblum – Dr Maurice Mishkell
  • Up Train, Down Train, TPO – Purves Spells It Out – Walter Thorne
  • Ford’s 105 Years In New Zealand – Christopher Moor
  • First Ever Stamp To Show NZ’s First Ford – John Leah
  • The Missionary Who Faced Jail – Peter Haslem More Details
  • Stamp Fever – Queensland Stamps In New Guinea – Jude Koch More Details
  • Smithy Forced Down In Croc & Mozzie Country
  • Naughty, Nasty Errol & The “Pro Nazi” Taunt – Peter Haslem More Details
  • The Second Anglo-Boer War: Greed For Gold – Ashley Cotter-Cairns More Details
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