Volume 2 Issue 6


In this issue

The amazing tale of the sinking of Lusitania by a German submarine in WWI – and of the Aussies who were on board.

News & Editorial

  • Rosenblum Snatches ‘Top Chart Spot’
  • Lively Auction Scene Looming
  • Fate of the Aussies As Lusitania Sinks – John Leah
  • KGV Flaws and Varieties – Smell the Money! – Sean Lacey More Details
  • The NZ Artist Critics Hated But People Loved – Christopher Moor More Details
  • The Magic of the British New Guinea Lakatois – Jude Koch More Details
  • The Legend of “Bill” Purves – Trevor Leith
  • The Media Vultures Close In On Smithy – John Leah More Details
  • The Storm of Battle Breaks At Midway – John Leah More Details
  • Anglo-Boer Battles Rage As The Mail Continues – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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