Volume 2 Issue 7


In this issue

The assassination of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. USA P-38s attack Yamamoto’s Betty bomber and Zero escort as a P-38 “cover” flight flies shotgun overhead. Story page 14.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial
  • ASP’s 50c P-Stamps Dry Up As AP Changes Rates
  • Capital Crash Can’t Kill Collectors’ Cravings More Details
  • Rich Aus Post Issues In Recent Months
  • New Auction House Launch in 2009
  • Kill Yamamoto! President Roosevelt’s Order… – John Leah
  • The Papuan Lakatois – 1907 to 1932 – Jude Koch More Details
  • The Philatelic Importance of Being Ernest (Crome!) – Dr Maurice Mishkel More Details
  • Nothing Flawed About Flaws For Making Profits – Sean Lacey More Details
  • Classic Maori Mail Carrier Stamps – Christopher Moor More Details
  • Hopes Triangular Letter Lives On – Michael Grieve More Details
  • ‘Smithy’ Smitten By Love At Last – John Leah More Details
  • Pacific’s Bold Women Fought For Equality – Vivienne Benton More Details
  • Postmarks From The Front – Boer War – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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