Volume 2 Issue 8


In this issue

Phar Lap – a legendary horse and a name to conjure with in both Australia and New Zealand. We explore the career of this mighty racehorse and his grip on the national psyche. Story P 16.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial
  • Most ASP P-Stamp Sheets Vols 1 & 2 Now Sold Out
  • APTA Celebration Marks 60th Anniversary
  • Auction House Results Resilient
  • ASP’s Xmas Economic Plan (Only Kidding!)
  • Phar Lap – The Horse They Called “Big Red” – John Leah
  • The “Other Issues” of Papua – Jude Koch
  • Nelson Eustis – Aerophilately Founder – Trevor Leith
  • Turning Sow’s Ears Into Flamed Gems – Sean Lacey More Details
  • Armistice Day in Villers Bretonneaux – Judy Kennett More Details
  • The Riddle of the Rivers – Charles Sturt – Gloria Lucas
  • Smithy – Across the Atlantic – By Good Luck – John Leah More Details
  • New Zealanders Drowned on Lusitania – Inspired by Paul Titchener
  • Railway Postal History of South Africa – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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