Volume 3 Issue 2



In this issue

We put the reader in the cockpit to fly the supersonic Concorde airliner and consider aspects of her triumphs – and ultimate tragedy. We also consider why Concorde never made it as a supersonic mail carrier on the Australian run.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?”
  • Our P-Stamps Making Waves
  • Stamp Community Bids Up Big In Bushfire Auction
  • Tragedies Shock Philatelic World – Loss of Simon Dunkerly & Gary Brown’s bushfire anguish
  • Anzac Heritage – with Christopher Moor & Peter Haslem

-When the Poppy Caused Hot Philatelic Debate
-Ross Smith & the Anzac Spirit in the Air

  • Concorde – Her Beauty And Her Terror – John Leah
  • Why Oz & NZ Dipped Out On A Supersonic Concorde Mail Run
  • Some Rich Reading For ‘Pro’ or Specialist Collectors

- Franked! The Official Mail of Victoria 1863-1902
-Sel Pfeffer’s Australia & Territories Booklet Catalogue

  • The German New Guinea “Issue” That Sank Like A Lead Balloon – Clarrie Hall
  • The Super List of APTA Dealers You Can Trust
  • ‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello! ‘Ere’s Another Flaw To Gripe About – Sean Lacey
  • “It’s All Over” – Big Bust-Up As ULM Socks It To Kingsford Smith – John Leah (“Smithy” Part 16)
  • Lusitania – Five More Kiwi Connections & More On The Mackys – Based on material from Sandy Johnstone & Paul Titchener
  • The Fire Engine They Hosed Out Of Town – NZ Toy Stamps – Christopher Moor More Details
  • Marilyn Part 2: The Girl With The Most Wants More… – John Leah
  • The Eternal Triangle You’ll Never Resist – The SA Triangulars – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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