Volume 3 Issue 4


In this issue

Captain Robert Falcon Scott thought he had a fair idea of what he was in for when he moored the Terra Nova in Antarctica in a bid to be first to reach the South Pole. But was his transport strategy a motor and dog sleds for supplies but man hauled sleds for the dash to the South Pole the correct one for the conditions?

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – Another New ASP Feature By Leading States Expert
  • ASP’s Second “Special” P-Stamp – Edward Kenna VC
  • We’ve Got You Covered – New P-Stamp Feature
  • Aladdin’s Cave – Dealer of Distinction Tony Shields’ New Shop
  • 2009 Melbourne Fair – A “Plenty To See And Do” Success
  • AP Swamps Market With New Issues – But Some Issues Ellusive
  • Victoria’s Famous 5/- QV Laureates – Les Molnar
  • Frugal QV Laureate Options
  • The VC Who Stood Under Fire – Edward Kenna VC
  • Scott of the Antarctic – The Man, The Myth – by John Leah
  • Paua to the New Zealand Stamp – Christopher Moor
  • Your Invitation to HRH KGV’s Presentation Classs M’Lord – Sean Lacey with the right royal treatment on flogging flaws
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Catalgoue – Whether it’s “editorial” or “advertising”, it’s a good read!
  • Postmaster Weller Bowls Googues At The Aussies – German New Guinea part 4
  • The World’s Worst Mailmen – But They Delivered The Covers – By Brian Peace More Details
  • Smithy Tries Hard… Fouls Up… Drops Out… Moves On. KS Part 18
  • Titanic Treasure Part 2 – The Unsinkable British Ship Sinks… – Sandy
  • Johnston More Details
  • You Zulus Lost The War – Now Here Are Your Stamps – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
  • Marilyn Part 4 – The Final Curtain
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