Volume 3 Issue 5


In this issue

The mindless evil of ultra-right-wing Nazi politics is captured in our cover photograph of a rally at Nuremberg. Australia and New Zealand suddenly found themselves at war with a ruthless, brain-washed foe. But the lads on the train to their army training camp showed the spirit that would weather the storm, keep the world free, bring the Nazi thugs to account, and restore the once proud German nation to its rightful place in world affairs.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – New Writer Breaks Flaw Discovery News
  • More Great ASP P-Stamps
  • The Introduction of Perforations in Victoria – By Les Molnar More Details
  • Report (Part 3) Of The German Postmaster, Rabaul, 1914 – Carl Weller’s report edited by John Doyle More Details
  • Exciting New ‘PNG’ Album is Spot On
  • Throwing Papuan Collectors into a Tail Spin – By Michael Parr
  • 21st Century New Zealand Rugby Test Issues – By Christopher Moor
  • Across The Mighty Pacific On A Single Engine – “Smithy” Part 19 – By John Leah
  • Titanic Treasure Part 3 – The Aussie On The Titanic More Details
  • Swaziland – Something For Every Level Of Collecting Interest – Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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