Volume 3 Issue 6

The cover of Volume 3 Number 6

In this issue

Ground crew stand transfixed as the mighty German airship, the Hindenburg, explodes at its mooring site in Lakehurst, USA. Their body language seems to express their frustration at being helpless to assist anyone… Or perhaps whether to dash in to try and help – or to run! From a photograph on the front cover of “L’Illustration” published in Paris just a few short days after the disaster. As our story recounts, it was the end of an era when great airships crisscrossed the oceans and travelled to many lands, creating some stunning philately.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “That Was The Year That Was!”
  • ASP P-Stamps – War, A Hero & A Disaster
  • Eastick Bows Out On AGM High Note + APTA Awards & Auction
  • Blue Owl’s Move…
  • Auction Results: Hot For Quality Lots
  • Victoria’s Registered And “Too Late” Stamps – By Les Molnar More Details
  • 1939- Blitzkrieg In Poland… And For Oz & NZ The ‘Phony War’ More Details
  • Report (Part 4) Of The German Postmaster, Rabaul, 1914 – Carl Weller’s report edited by John Doyle More Details
  • Varieties of the Papua Series – Hidden Gems! – By Michael Parr
  • Ill-Fated Ship with Aussie Ties Lost – But Mail Survives – By Brian Peace
  • Rare Roos Are Siamese Twins – Discovery by Dr Brian Jeffrie
  • Inside Info On The New P&R Album & Booklet System
  • Taylor Walks The Wing To Save The “Cross” – “Smithy” Part 20 – By John Leah
  • Wars, Intrigue and ‘Progress’ In Rhodesia – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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