Volume 4 Issue 1



In this issue

Roald Amundsen with simple dog sleds and “Eskimo” style furs makes his dash for the South Pole. He succeeds, thus destroying Captain Robert Scott’s opportunity to be the first to reach the Pole. Cover design based on a modified version of a brilliant 1954 Parade magazine cover by Walter Stackpool, a very collectible illustrator of great note for his endless book and magazine illustrations.

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “…Underlying Strength In The Philatelic Market”
  • ASP P-Stamps – Tribute To A Polar Hero (Amundsen)
  • “Excellence” – APTA’s Awards Winners
  • Canberra Show A National Magnet
  • Best Kept Secret Out In Melbourne
  • Victoria’s Early Days – Role Of Stamps In Revenues – By Les Molnar More Details
  • WWII – Vengeance For The Royal Oak As Graf Spee Scuttled – By John Leah More Details
  • Report (Part 5) Of The German Postmaster, Rabaul, 1914 – Carl Weller’s Report, edited by John Doyle More Details
  • Lakatoi Debate Rages – Controversy Over 2/6d Varieties – By Michael Parr More Details
  • Smithy’s Flying Boat Plans Put The Wind Up Qantas – By John Leah
  • On The Gorns Of A Dilemma – NZ Was Not Am Amewe Ewe Ewesed Sed – By Christopher Moor
  • ‘Airman Lost Among The Savages’ – With Mail – By Brian Peace
  • Rhodesia Emerges From The BSAC – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns


ASP thanks the Stackpool family for graciously granting us permission to publish our slightly modified version of Walter Stackpool’s original work. We especially thank Jane Stackpool, executor of the Stackpool estate, and Andrew Stackpool for their assistance. Walter Stackpool died in 1998 after a prolific and illustrious career. Stackpool Image sourced from“Parade” Ex Libris John Leah

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