Volume 4 Issue 3



In this issue

Some keen thematic collectors scour the world when they tackle a topic like Brigitte Bardot – but they find there’s not much out there that’s not in the “stamp economy”, “private issue”, “illegal issue” or “downright fraudulent” class. But they collect the gal anyway! Why? Maybe they were in their teens when she was “Hollywood HOT” and they remember her vividly. Perhaps they went to the local bughouse and drank in her every movement and word. Whatever their reasons, it’s a real pleasure to revisit a past when everyone knew exactly of whom you spoke if you mentioned “BB”. La Brigitte! Our cover catches BB in one of her characteristic pouty-lipped poses. She sure had the “Wow!” factor. Oui?

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “Bone Up On Quality Varieties For The Coming Boom”
  • ASP P-Stamps & Covers
  • Dealers In Action Australia Wide
  • ‘Kokoda’ Issue On The Right Track
  • ASP Mistake Hardly Shakes Robin Linke
  • Max Stern Tribute To Rose Hussar
  • Dearth of Official Bardot Issues Boosts ASP P-Stamps
  • Victoria’s Early Watermarks – Part 1 – By Les Molnar
  • WWII, Oz & NZ – Europe’s Ranting Ratbag Romps Into Norway – By John Leah
  • More 1941 ‘Top Ten’ KGV Flaws From Orlo Smith – By Sean Lacey More Details
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale 130
  • The Fate Of The Souls On The Centaur (Part 2 of ‘The Centaur’)  More Details
  • Valuing New Finds – New Lakatoi “‘OPT Flaw” Lessons – By Michael Parr More Details
  • Smithy – Lost At Sea – An Era Ends As Smithy’s Kite Nosedives – By John Leah More Details
  • HMAS Sydney Sydney: The Final Letters – A Postal Footnote To Tragedy – By John Dibiase More Details
  • New Zealand’s Scratchy Little Stamps – By Christopher Moor More Details
  • Rhodesia Divided Part 1 – The North – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns More Details
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