Volume 4 Issue 4

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“Winnie” as Sir Winston Churchill was known, became the most loved man in British history when he jutted his bulldog jaw out in the British Parliament and growled unremitting defiance against Hitler and his Nazi thugs. With his Havanna cigars and his ready smile and iconic “V” for Victory sign, he wagged war from the War Room, governed from Number 10 Downing Street – and trudged through the bombed out cities of Great Britain in a show of defiance that was infectious. The British people caught his spirit of defiance, although lord knows, they didn’t need much encouragement. Churchill struck just the right note when he offered them, “Blood, sweat and tears”. They gave him all they had!

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “Welcome!” – ASP Launches Web Site
  • AP’s Cracker Designs
  • New Catalogue Is Tops – VST Launches Great New Edition
  • Allies Cornered On Dunkerque Beach – WWII Part 6 – By John Leah
  • Victoria’s Early Watermarks Usage – Part 2 – By Les Molnar
  • Sussing Out The 3d Lakatoi Colour Traps – By Michael Parr
  • Early Australian Colonial Covers – By Brian Peace
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale 131
  • HMAS Sydney Sydney: The Final Letters Part 2 – A Footnote  To Tragedy – By John Dibiase
  • Australian Philatelic Traders Association Members’ List
  • The Final “Top Ten” KGV Flaws According To Orlo-Smith Part 3 – By Sean Lacey
  • APTA’s Calendar of Philatelic Events For The Rest of 2010
  • Melba Bashed By Cowardly Husband – By Andrew Sadauskas More Details
  • Mk I Zephyr Was A Transport of Delight – By Christopher Moor
  • Rhodesia Divided Part 2 – The South – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns More Details
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