Volume 4 Issue 5



In this issue

Hitler – the Parisian tourist from hell! As Australians and New Zealanders read the censored newspaper headlines with trepidation, Hitler romped right through Europe – and the world’s worst thug ended up making a flash visit to La belle Paris. Things looked very bleak for the Allies!

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – “Goodbye Kidney, Hello Sunshine…”
  • ASP Web Site Attracting Visits
  • A Spot Of ASP P-Stamp Chaos
  • APTA’s Special London 2010 Opt ‘Railways’ Minisheets
  • Organisers Hop Into Pushing ‘Australia 2013′
  • Lively Expo’s Top-Notch New Venue – Northern Beaches Stamp Expo
  • Dog Day Afternoon At Australia Post
  • Noel Leahy Will Leave AP Philatelic Division
  • Challenge & Magic Of The Hunt: Aussie Decimal Postal Rates – By Torsten Weller More Details
  • Cinderellas Or Philatelic Treasures? Punctured OS stamps of Papua – By Michael Parr More Details
  • Keen Reader Response To Michael Parr’s ‘Papua’ Articles
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale 132 – It’s Advertising – But A Good Read!
  • Calvert’s Woodblock Plates: The 2/- Woodblock Plates – By Les Molnar More Details
  • Horror Mail Crash – New Zealand Investigates – By Brian Peace More Details
  • A Card To Germany… In Arrente?! (in 1912, would you believe?) – By Andrew Sadauskas More Details
  • An Australian “Concentration Camp” – By Michael O’Halloran More Details
  • The Battle Of The Divas – Dame Nellie Melba Part 2 – By Andrew Sadauskas More Details
  • Rhodesia: The End Of The Story – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns More Details
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