Volume 4 Issue 8

In this issue

We all think of the Holden as “our” car, but the man who dragged it into existence was not an Australian – although he became one of us. And the company that built the car was not Australian either. It was American, and accustomed to different conditions and large-scale manufacturing – not the short runs we needed in good old Oz. So Larry Hartnett had his work cut out to persuade his Yankee bosses to make a car just for us. In the end, we got the FX, but he was dumped before his dream car hit the market…

News & Editorial

  • Editorial – The Year That Was
  • Big Guns At Stampex Adelaide (photo) Ready For Auction
  • Bexley Stamps Changes Course
  • ASP P-Stamps Secondary Market Grows
  • Stunning ‘Roo And Map Marvel’ At Phoenix Auction
  • More ASP Web Jazz
  • APTA 2010 Excellence Awards – It’s A Tie!
  • Aussie Decimal Postal Rates Part 4 – Special Services 1966-73 – By Torsten Weller More Details
  • ASP‘s “Myster Phil” Is Found – Alive And Well!! – By Sean Lacy
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale 13 – A better read than “Ben Hur”!!
  • Victoria’s Famous 5/ – QV Laureates: Part 2 – By Les Molnar
  • Plane Down, Mail Saved – But The Diamonds? – By Brian Peace
  • Recklessly Brave Men – Burke & Wills Part 3 – By Andrew Sadauskas More Details
  • Healthy Princesses Were Super Saleswomen – By Christopher Moor More Details
  • The Fire Storm Through Conventry – Oz & NZ in WWII Part 10 – By John Leah
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