Volume 6 Issue 1

In this issue

Catastrophe struck the British and Commonwealth forces in 6-1Malaya and Singapore in early 1942 as Japanese troops staged amphibious landings and also invaded from the north through mountains, swamps and jungles that the British thought were “impassable”. They were impassable – to the British defence planners! But not to the Japanese. Within a week, the whole of Malaya and Singapore were occupied and Lt. General Percival and his officers were forced to surrender (cover illustration).


News & Editorial

  • Survey, ‘ASP’ Shop and Stark White Paper!
  • Malaya/S’pore Loss: Anderson VC & Trumper – ASP’s P-Stamps
  • ‘ASP’ Shop Opens Online for Tablet and PC Sales
  • Smithy 1935 Flight Cover Tumbles from ‘ASP’ Mail
  • Trumper Legend Commemorative
  • Mawson’s Antartica – Trials and Triumphs – Part 2 – The primitive wilderness of Macquarie Island More Details
  • Stamps of Victoria – The Frank Stamps’ – by Les Molnar
  • Those Deceptive Line and Comb Conundrums – by Michael Parr
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 142 – Sure it’s an advert. – but it’s a great read too!
  • O/S Airmail Postal History 1973-82 – By Torsten Weller – Other Articles and Aerogrammes
  • Rum Rebellion Part 3 “The Nation’s Only Coup” – By Andrew Sadauskas
  • Kinky Kooka Is Worth Kollekting – Where ARE those varieties – By Sean Lucy
  • WWII – Malaya & Pearl Shattered – Japan’s Shock Rampage – By John Leah
  • Somaliland Protectorate – Pt 2 – The KGV and KGVI eras – By Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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