Volume 6 Issue 2

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A 1912 painting of the sinking of the Titanic, by Willy Stower, helps to re-create the event in our imaginations, even though it makes “serious errors” in its artistic interpretation. “Never let the facts get in the way of a good painting!” When Titanic’s hull began to fill from the bow, the buoyancy of the forward part of the hull diminished and it began to sink, lifting the stern in the air. The hull was designed to be supported along its length by equal lift from flotation, hence, she broke in half at an early stage – and the films all made similar mistakes. As well, the funnels are incorrectly portrayed as one of the captions in the article points out. But it’s a great and evocative painting and makes a fine cover anyway.

News & Editorial

  • Fate’s Heavy Hand – And Soldiering On!
  • The Bullwinkel & Doolittle Sagas – ASP’s P-Stamps
  • Ace Roo Block Trumps Estimate – Sold for $30,000!
  • Arthur Gray Scores Quinella At London ‘Royal”
  • Phoenix Lands Stunning Hardy Auction In Major Auction Group
  • ‘Royal’ Scholaship Invitation Issued
  • (Alan) Huggins Recalls 1869 NSW ‘Large Margins’
  • Titanic’s Captain Protests: “It Was Not My Fault!” More Details
  • Stamps of Victoria – A Little Stamp With A Big Story – By Les Molnar
  • K/M Aircraft Destroyed by Japanese Fighters – By Brian Peace
  • 2/6d Large Papua Varieties Re-defined – By Michael Parr & Michael Ryan
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 143 – Forget the “advert.” label – this can be very informative!
  • Mawson’s Antartica – Trials and Triumphs – Part 3 – Carving out a home in Adelie Land
  • The KGV Commems – WA’s Year of the Swans – By Sean Lucy
  • Doolittle Strikes Hirohito – The Doolittle raid on Japan
  • WWII – End of Empire – ‘Bike Troops’ Route Singapore in 1 Week – Part 19 of our WWII coverage – By John Leah
  • Melville on Gambia Part 1: An Introduction to Gambia More Details
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