Volume 6 Issue 3

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On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the immense popularity of the Queen with the majority of her “subjects” as the old notion went, means that stamps such as those of the Queen on our cover will prove popular. Issued by Australia Post on April 3 this year, the domestic 60c stamp on the left shows the youthful Queen Elizabeth II, while the $2.35 International Rate stamp on the right shows the Queen today. Celebrity photographer Baron Sterling Henry Nahum, who mostly worked simply as Baron, took the early photograph of Elizabeth capturing a beauty and delicacy in the monarch that was breathtaking. He had plenty of practice in the art of capturing “the inner woman”. His relaxed approach drew people to show their inner selves, producing evocative portraits of greats like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Rod Steiger, Churchill, Hillary, and Bernard Shaw. He became a close friend of Princ Phillip. Queen Elizabeth in later life,on the second AP issue, was taken by Jane Brown (collection National Portrait Gallery, copyright Guardian News and Media, 2006). A British celebrity portrait photographer, Brown took atmospheric shots of many famous people, including Orson Wells, Samuel Becket, Woody Allen, Quentin Crisp, John Lennon, Richard Nixon, and Margaret Thatcher. The stamp image is from her 80th birthday portrait of the Queen. QEII stamp images courtesy Australia Post.

News & Editorial

  •  Strength In Top-End Auction Circuit
  • Molnar’s ‘Victoria’ Book A gem – Review
  • Make-up Action For Missing P-Stamps
  • Riveting Result from Phoenix KGV ½d Sideways WMK
  • Two More Great Auction #13 Lots
  • Boutlon Steams Ahead with Perth Show 2012
  • The Flight Of The “Old Carthusian” – Book Review
  • QEII – A Match For Any King Or Republican More Details
  • Stamps of Victoria – The Halfpenny Part II – By Les Molnar More Details
  • RAAF Sunderland Flying Boat Sunk At Townsville – By Brian Peace
  • 2/6d Large Papua Varieties Re-defined Pt 2 – By Michaels & Ryan More Details
  • Jery Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 144 – As ever, an engrossing browse although “commercial”!
  • Mawson’s Antartica – Trials and Triumphs – Part 4 – Pack-ice, bergs & the Adelie Land base
  • The KGV Commems – Sturt Cenetary – By Sean Lucy
  • WWII – Coral Sea Dents Japan & Brits Start Terror Bombing – Part 20 of our WWII coverage – By John Leah
  • Melville On Gambia Part 2: 1869 Cameos & The Issue of 1874
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