Volume 6 Issue 4

In this issue

A magnificent WWII painting of Australian Diggers crossing a mountain stream in a jungle valley somewhere in the heart of the Owen Stanley Ranges, on the Kokoda Track, adorns our cover, reflecting the main theme of ASP’s continuing tragic saga of WWII and how it affected Australia. The illustration reminds us of what this nation owes to our brave servicemen of all eras. Commissioned by the Australian Army, the painting appeared to be signed “J. Fleit” on the canvas, but the painting was identified as “By VX138790” in the book for which it was intended. The work was “Stand Easy – After the defeat of Japan, 1945”, published in September 1945 for The Australian Military Forces by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, A.C.T. There was a foreword by General Blamey.

News & Editorial

  • Australia 2013 is a beacon even as we slave over details
  • ASP P-Stamp tribute to the sad but heroic Kokoda campaign
  • ‘SG’ snubs new ‘2/6’ large Papua study as researchers table proof
  • New edition of Dutch air mail catalogue
  • Boulton’s Perth show 2012 whips up a storm
  • Australia 2013 will rock!
  • Smithy 1935 flight cover tumbles from ASP mail
  • Wilbur Wright – Created a world aircraft industry he never saw
  • Stamps of Victoria – The English Mail T.P.O. Service – By Les Molnar
  • Wrecked Flying boat mail identified after 70 years – By Brian Peace
  • 2/6d Large Papua Varieties Re-Defined Pt 3 – By Michael Parr & Michael Ryan
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 145. As ever, many readers read Jerry’s Catalogue as a ‘story’!
  • Mawson’s Antarctica – Trials And Triumphs – Part 5 First Days in Adelie Land
  • KGV Commems – Sturt Centenary Nation-Building – By Sean Lacy
  • WWII – Kokoda! Heroic & tragic battle that saved Australia Part 21 Of Our WWIIcoverage
  • He Ran Forward, Bren Gun Blazing – Kingsbury VC
  • Buzzy Bee Takes Flight On Kiwi Stamps – By Christopher Moor
  • Melville on Gambia Part 3: 1874 Cameos
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