Volume 6 Issue 5

In this issue

Hugh Morgan AC doesn’t always find time for philately. But following a passion he developed as a nine-year-old, he made the time and found ways to indulge in his fascinating hobby. The result, the astounding Morgan Collection, which also contained gems acquired by his stamp-collecting father, was, by the time Mr Morgan had finished forming it, one of the world’s finest collections of Commonwealth of Australia philatelic treasures. Our cover story provides insights into Hugh Morgan’s life and philatelic times and what now drives him to sell his most prized possession.

News & Editorial

  • Two Major Changes Boost ASP’s Content – And Looks!
  • Morgan Collection Sale Scores ASP P-Stamp Along With Rommel
  • The Costliest Crash Covers Of All – Book Review by Ken Sanford
  • Success! Perth Show A Huge Draw Card
  • Our “Best Digger Ever” – the courage of Tom ‘Diver’ Derrick VC DCM
  • Hugh Morgan – The ‘Arch Stirrer’, His Epiphany & $4m Collection
  • Stamps of Victoria – English Mail T.P.O Machine Cancellations – By Les Molnar More Details
  • The Auction Scene – A New Feature – By Tony Griffin
  • Seven Seas Stamps Catalogue – As good a read as you get from Jerry Blair (but kinda different); Jerry is recovering from a bug.
  • The Sturt Flaws Hunt May Yet Turn Up New Plate Varieties – By Sean Lucy
  • Papua: Entry-Level Specialist Lakatois – Worthy Targets – By Clarrie Hall More Details
  • WWII Part 22: Shoah Horrors; Pincer Threat Looms For Moresby; Rommel Ground To A Halt At El Alamein – By John Leah More Details
  • The Middlesex Wreck 1842 – By Brian Peace More Details
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