Volume 6 Issue 6

In this issue

With a rapid approach of the “Australia 2013″ FIP World Stamp Exhibition, ASP puts its best foot forward with this magnificent cover showing the venue to good advantage – Melbourne’s classic Exhibition Buildings. Throw in an equally magnificent Old Man Kangaroo and who could miss our tribute to the Centenary of the Kangaroo and Map issues?

As “Australia 2013″ draws nearer, collectors and dealers around the country should reflect on this as a golden opportunity to promote stamp collecting as a still great and intellectually-stimulating vocation that’s just perfect as a hobby – amongst other things they will take up –  for retiring baby-boomers. We therefore hope all collectors and dealers alike will not waste a single opportunity to make people aware of this great event. The fabulous stamps displayed will be the best argument ever for retirees to get back into collecting!

News & Editorial

  • Hands Up If You Fancy A Philatelic Renaissance…
  • “Australia 2013″ & WWII on P-Stamps More Details
  • Funnelweb Customer Hopes For Jackpot! New Variety Suggested! More Details
  • Strong Auction Results More Details
  • Papua Collectors Show Punch – Large National Convention More Details
  • “Australia 2013″ Looms More Details
  • She’ll Be (Pine)apples Mate! AP‘s Fruit Salad – By Hans Proebsting More Details
  • Dolmens Mystery Shock More Details
  • Aussie Stamps Sizzle At Home And Abroad – ‘The Auction Scene’ - By Tony Griffin More Details
  • The German Raider Wold – Capture of the Matunga – By Brian Peace More Details
  • The Quest For Sturt Flaws – Part 3, Bob Head’s “Fruitful Obsession” – By Sean Lacy More Details
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 146 – Jerry is back with another “readable” listing.
  • An Exposition On The 1932 Pictorial Issues Of Papua – By Michael Parr More Details
  • Lakatois are ‘Hot’ As New Entrants Try Specialising – By Clarrie Hall More Details
  • Montgomery Unleashes His Fire Storm On Rommel And Diggers Oust Japanese From Kokoda – By John Leah More Details
  • Mawson’s Antartic Trials & Triumphs Pt 6 – Autumn Preparations More Details
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