Volume 7 Issue 1

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As our cover shows, ASP is pushing as hard as possible to get all readers who can come along to AUSTRALIA 2013 at the Royal Exhibition Building in May. This cover was also designed to catch the eye of casual newsagency browsers who are not yet collectors! We hope the roo stamps, with prices attached, shock them into realising just how serious and incredible philately really is. The more people who understand, the better! Stamp images: By kind permission of Paul Fletcher of Millennium Auctions who just happened to have a ready-made and very nice-looking group of high quality Roo and Map stamp images, together with values realised at one of his auctions. Photographic credit: Thanks to photographer Nathan Odgers for the excellent shot of a kangaroo, showing so much “personality”, as shown on our front cover. Mr Odgers, who sometimes works under the photographic name “Behemoth 14″ is based in Panania, NSW. He used a Nikon D705 (at 1/180th second exposure, aperture f/5, 70mm lens), for this fine shot which was cropped from a wider shot with great appeal – but we really did need the tight close-up.

News & Editorial

  • Bob On A Mobile In A Car Stuck In A Flood…
  • ASP Issues ‘Roo & Map’ P-Stamps More Details
  • Right Royal Treat: HM The Queen Sends Royal Collection Marvels More Details
  • Phoenix: Hardy Roos Stampex Bound
  • Flight Lieutenant William Ellis Newton VC More Details
  • World’s Biggest FDC Contender – Michael Hill’s Giant Cover
  • Shipwreck! New Brian Peace Shipwreck Edition More Details
  • Wild – A Man Among Men: Mawson’s Huts Foundation issues covers More Details
  • Headless Ghost Haunts New Issue – Jersey’s naughty Edward VII issues
  • Early 2013 Auctions: Rich Results Tipped – by Tony Griffin
  • KGV’s Head On A Plate – The KGV Penny Red Varieties – Part I – by Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Jerry Blair Postal Bid Catalogue No. 147 – We swear it’s not editorial but readers love it…
  • The Quest for Sturt Flaws – Part 4, Bob Head’s “Fruitful Obsession” – by Sean Lacy
  • The 1932 Pictorial Issues of Papua – by Michael Parr
  • German Colonial Stamps Were Legends… Confusion in Paradise – by Hans Proebsting
  • Ceylon: Tension Mounts As Mega-Find Is Scrutinised More Details
  • New Zealand: Shipwreck! Massacre Fear As Maoris Vent Anger – By Brian Peace FRPSL
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs Pt 7 – The Blizzard More Details
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