Volume 7 Issue 2

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The happy coincidence of the Australia 2013 World Stamp Exhibition landing slap in the middle of the year in which we are celebrating the Centenary of the issue of the iconic Kangaroo and Map issues has not been lost on collectors. World-wide, the Centenary is widely recognised and this extra spotlight on Australian philately has drawn more attention than usual to the AUSTRALIA 2013 FIP event. Our cover reflects that a common Roo stamp, albeit with an OS Perfin, originally worth just one paltry penny, gave rise to rarities like Lot 41 from the Phoenix Stuart Hardy Auction, valued in the new B&W “Kangaroo” catalogue at $6,000.

News & Editorial

  • ASP Market Penetration At A New High More Details
  • Bill Hornadge Era Ends More Details
  • Three Most Unusual P-Stamps More Details
  • ‘Roo’ Centenary & ‘Oz’ 2013 In This Fabulous Building More Details
  • Court of Honour Offer Us Royal & Chapman Thrills More Details
  • World’s Biggest FDC Contender – Michael Hill’s Giant Cover
  • Horse Racing Fans Will Love New Jersey Issue More Details
  • Gärtner Plans Aussie Growth
  • A Really Surprising Australian Catalogue From Renniks
  • Headless Ghost Haunts New Issue – Jersey naughty Edward VII issues
  • Grumpy Old Men Who Aren’t
  • The Kangaroo KO’d A King – But Not For Long More Details
  • Early 2013 Auctions: Rich Results Expected – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • Mail From Tasmania’s Convict Hellhole – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • KGV’s Head On A Plate – The KGV Penny Red Varieties – Part 2 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Jerry Blair Postal Bid Catalogue No. 148 – Widely read for ‘kicks’ and education…
  • Quest For Sturt Flaws – Part 5, Bob Head’s ‘baby’ – By Sean Lacy More Details
  • Through the Looking Glass – Bold New Work – By Michael Parr More Details
  • Poorly-Described Lakatois: Gold For Collectors – By Clarrie Hall More Details
  • “Incoming!” Mystery Of Nachnahme on GNG Covers – By Hands Proebsting More Details
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs Pt 8 – The Blizzard More Details
  • Guernsey Stirs Worlds’ Conscience
  • Sel Pfeffer Chalks Up Another Great Catalogue
  • Battle of Buna-Gona – WWII Part 23 – MacArthur In Brisbane More Details
  • Right Regal Books From The ‘Royal’ – 3 of them!
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