Volume 7 Issue 6

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Nelson Mandela was an enigma! A smiling, jovial, peace-loving terrorist who fought for the good fight for the freedom of his people – but never lost his warmth or integrity. No wonder he even influenced Australia!

Mandela Image courtesy of: South Africa The Good News / Background courtesy of: Georgio on fr.wikipedia [GFDL( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

News & Editorial

  • Discovering A New ‘Country’ – One That’s Hot… (Editorial)
  • Europhilex 2015 Wins FEPA & FIP Support More Details
  • ‘Australia’s First Airmail’ Project Marks Guillaux Fight More Details
  • Jersey Boosts Collectors’ Interests More Details
  • Manly-Warringah’s Urgent Communiqué More Details
  • Confucius Say Tooo Much To Fit In About The ‘Guernsey Horse’ More Details
  • Mandela’s Aussie Legacy More Details
  • The Roo For All Seasons – Part 5 – By Luke Haereo – More Die I Penny Red Roo Varieties More Details
  • Rarities Snatched Up As Juzwin Finds Homes For Treasures – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • The KGV 1d Red Part 6 – Pane VII Varieties – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Jerry Blair Postal Bid Catalogue No. 152
  • The Colourful World Of KGV Penny Red Shades – Part 2 – By Dr Scott Starling (Second Part of Popular New Series!)
  • The Quest For Sturt Flaws – Held over due smaller Xmas Issue
  • Death In Paradise As 1940 Flight Hits The Sea – By Brian Peace FRPSL
  • Born Of Colonial Turmoil: The UNTEA stamps of West New Guinea – By Hans Proebsting
  • Shades Of The ‘Huts’ Issues: Next part held over due smalled Xmas Isue
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs Pt 12 – Report on conditions at the edge of the Plateau
  • Yank’s Blast Japan’s Rabaul Fleet – WWII close to home – By John Leah
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