Volume 8 Issue 1

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Australians of mature years will remember the shock that rippled through the nation when, on a ‘war games’ exercise, HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Voyager collided with each other during complex manoeuvres. Eighty two of the crew of HMAS Voyager were lost when she split in half and sank. HMAS Melbourne (foreground) is shown here during exercises with the United States of America aircraft carrier, USS Midway.

News & Editorial

  • We’ll All Be ‘Rooned’ Said Hanrahan… (Editorial)
  • World’s Most Valuable Stamp on Sale – The Brit Gulana 1c Magenta More Details
  • Canberra Stamp Show Campaign More Details
  • Flurry of Fairs Shows New Vigour More Details
  • To the Manor Born – Jersey’s ‘Manor House’ New Issues More Details
  • The Tragic Loss of HMAS Voyage More Details
  • Check your Christmas Mail – Misplaced Gold discovery – By Dr Hans Proebsting More Details
  • Penny Red Roo Varieties – More from Die I – By Luke Haereo More Details
  • Lashings of Variety and Startling Items in New Year’s Offerings – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • The KGV 1d Red Part 7 – Pane VIII Varieties – By Dr Scott Starling (another episode in our compulsive new series!) More Details
  • Jerry Blair Postal Bid Catalogue No. 153
  • The Quest for Sturt Flaws – in search of possible plate flaws More Details
  • The Colourful World of KGV Penny Red Shades – Part 3 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Shades of the ‘Huts’ Issues – Part 4 – Fourpence; Sixpence; Ninepence More Details
  • The Coffee Royal Affair – No way it was a stunt! – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs Pt 13 – Into the unknown; exploration in earnest begins More Details
  • Allies Blast Monte Cassino to Hell; Leningrad Siege Ends – WWII close to home – By John Leah
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