Fresh eyes see wonders that others miss… We sometimes see stamps as through a glass, darkly, or through a misty window pane. LES MOLNAR wipes some grime from the glass and discloses more VICTORIA treasures that for the most part, only dedicated specialists are aware of or possess. This latest eye-opening treatise from Mr Molnar may well clarify a few points even for the dedicated “deep philately” specialists, or at least confirm and organise what they already know. But as well, it provides developing collectors with insights that just might pay off – and in a big way if you learn to discover examples. Remember that old album that Grandpa or even Great Grandpa (or “…ma”) left “for future generations”? Or the one you bought or otherwise acquired? Now is the time to drag it out and devour it with those “fresh eyes”! For more about Victoria, visit the Les Molnar Web site at: