Volume 10 Issue 1

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During his long reign as Australia’s Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies was loved by many and also hated by many – but perhaps unusually, he was frequently secretly liked, and even admired by those who ‘hated’ him. ASP explores the ins and outs of this charismatic political leader.

News & Editorial

  • A New KGV Coil Discovery More Details
  • A Great Name in Philately is Lost – The Passing of Ken Baker
  • AP Postal Hit Forces ASP Subscription Rate Increase
  • Channel Islands Continue Their Strong Design Thrust More Details
  • Melbourne to Host a 2017 International Exhibition More Details
  • Canberra Stamp Show Imminent More Details
  • Menzies: ‘Pig-Iron Bob’ to Some; a Witty, Urbane Leader to Others More Details
  • Teasing Out an Insight into Einstein’s ‘Relativity’ Theory (Part 2) More Details
  • Top Australian Stamps on Offer – Both at Home and Abroad – By Tony
  • The Colourful World of Penny Red Shades – Part 14 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • ANZAC & French War Hero… PNG Pioneer… Stamp Whiz… – Lt Colonel Harrold E. Woodman – By David Milner More Details
  • Did Sabotage Cause Hinkler to Crash? – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details More Details
  • A Unique Piece of 1929 Berlin to Falklands Mail – By Albert-Freidrich Grune More Details
  • Shackleton’s Polar Crossing Attempts – Part 4 – Adaptation by Mandy Parry-Jones More Details
  • ‘Emergency’ 30c ‘Adelaide 2016′ Issue Shock More Details
  • A History of Australia’s Involvement in WWI – Part 4 – By Mandy Parry-Jones More Details

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