Volume 10 Issue 2

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Humour is at the heart of every culture… and our comedians capture the essence of that self-mockery, or mockery of others, that’s close to the surface of many jokes. In his day, Roy Rene “Mo McCackie” was very “rude and naughty” but he was arguably Australia’s funniest man of all time. His vaudeville stand-ups, comic routines and skits reduced audiences to rolling in the aisles with tears of laughter following. A true genius!

News & Editorial

  • Max Stern, Farewell – A legend departs
  • Collectors in the News – A father and son team makes a discovery More Details
  • John Duyvestyn’s Sturt Flaws Revive Bob Head Campaign More Details
  • ‘Adelaide 2016′ 30c Emergency Freak Stamps Hyped Up by Market Fever More Details
  • Top Notch Canberra (Stampshow) Minisheet
  • Collectors Flock to the Great Canebrra Stampshow More Details
  • Roy Rene a.k.a. Mo McCackie – The King of the Tivoli Circuit More Details
  • Einstein Scores as a Gravity Wave Find Proves Prediction More Details
  • Phoenix & Ace Hammer Down Some Nice Rarity Realisations – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • Collecting the KGV Penny Red Varieties – Part 9 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Postal Stationery – Airgraphs – By Gary Brown, FRPSL, FRPSV More Details
  • Tom Osbourne’s Catalogue Extracts
  • Hinkler Crash Part 2 – Did Sabotage Cause His Crash? – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • Falklands Society: Hugo & Magda Schlottfeldt – By Albert-Friedrich Grune MFIPSG More Details
  • Shackleton’s Polar Crossing Attempt – Part 5 – Adaptation by Mandy Parry-Jones More Details
  • A History of Australia’s Involvement in WWI – Part 5 – By Mandy Parry-Jones More Details
  • The Ataturk Legend – Great Man, Nice Story, Tangled Tale