Volume 10 Issue 4

In this issue: 1-03 V10N04 COVER - BIRD OF PARADISE 6cm w

News & Editorial

  • Crashed Woman Pilot Spends 2 Days with Natives in New Guinea – by Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • Revisiting the 2d Grey Roo – Part 1 – by Peter van Meurs More Details
  • Collecting the KGV Four Penny Orange Shades – Part 2 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 160
  • NEW Papua New Guinea Calling – Official Journal of the Papuan Philatelic Society
    • Unlisted Type of Namatani Cancellation (1921) – By Rod Buchko (Canada) More Details
    • 60 and 30 years ago – PPS history re-visited through the pages of classic PNGC issues – By Richard Muller More Details
    • The Reverse Water marks of the Small
      Papua Lithiograph Issue. (SG49 to SG71) – By Mark (Robbo) Robinson More Details
    • Buying Rare Stamps is Within Reach of All – By John Rayward (Australia) More Details
    • A Well-travelled Cover from Papua – By Otto Graf More Details
    • A Papuan Cover to Brisbane, 1891 – By Jeff Marks (Australia) More Details
    • Sharp-eyed Steve, States-side, Spots Some Stunning Stamp Strikes – By Steve Zirinsky (USA) More Details
  • Mighty Papuan Lakatoi Hiri Voyages Live On – Part Two – By Hans Proebsting More Details
  • Shackleton’s Polar Crossing Attempt – Part 7 – Adaptation by Mandy Parry-Jones More Details
  • A History of Australia’s Involvement in WWI – Part 7 – By Mandy Parry-Jones More Details