Volume 10 Issue 5

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01-asp-v10n05-hartogDirk Hartog was an enigmatic figure who was really just a small-time captain (and yet performing incredible sailing feats!) in the service of the Dutch East India Company. His contemporary fame was so slight and his income so meagre that unlike many others of his time to whom we attribute “greatness”, he could not afford to hire an artist to paint a portrait of himself for posterity. So we have no idea what he looked like. Humble though he may have been, and blown off course as he was, he still had the wit to recognise that he had reached the Great South Land by accident when his tiny vessel stumbled on the shores of Australia. Even then, perhaps wary of shipwreck on the actual coast, Hartog landed only on an island. It was what would later be known as Australian land, and there, he left an artefact that came to be known as the first ever indication of a visit to these shores by a European. Perhaps not the first ever to land, but certainly the first to mark his presence. Thus, in later
Australian eyes, the humble Hartog, unheralded elsewhere, is remembered.

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