Volume 11 Issue 2

In this issue

aspm052017p001-page-001Peter van Meurs immensely popular “new look” at the flaws and possible new varieties in the 2d Grey Kangaroo and Map printings comes to a significant milestone with this issue. On page 22 you will find a “stamp checkmap” showing all the Die I flaws (some perhaps later to become “varieties”) that Mr van
Meurs’ research has uncovered. It’s an ever-sohandy guide to aid “spotting” flaws when searching through Roos for such examples. You won’t see anything quite so useful as this in any other stamp magazine! That’s ASP!

News & Editorial

  • Melbourne 2017 Proved to be a Great Success – Pics & Chat
  • Editorial – Our Editor Took a Sabbatical: Back Next Issue
  • Archeology III at Jersey Postal University
  • Guernsey Checkmates Stamp World
  • ‘Better’ Still Pays as Prices Dip – Many rarities hold up well while collectors find bargains – By Tony Griffin FRPSL, FRPSV
  • Revisiting the 2d Grey Roo – Part 4 – By Peter Van Meurs
  • Collecting the KGV Penny Violet & Green Varieties – Part 3 – By Dr Scott Starling
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 163 – Not just another postal sale; a guide to values as well…
  • “The Elite Papuan Phialtelic Society Journal within your ASP” – For contents list, see page 35
  • Mighty Papuan Lakatoi Hiri Voyages Live On (Part 5) – By Hans Probesting
  • Pan Am Crash in Western Samoa – By Brian Peace FRPSL
  • A History of Australia’s Involvement in WWI – Part 10 – By Mandy Parry-Jones