Volume 11 Issue 3

In this issue

Our front jacket portrait of Lt Governor Lachlan Macquarie, attributed to John Opie, captures aspects of his character that are perhaps open to debate. His noble and imperious pose suggests power, coupled with vision and determination. Most see him as an heroic figure, but a minority find it hard to overlook his worst acts. Good or bad, however, history will probably judge him as mainly well-meaning and strong, forgiving some conduct we see today, as horrific, but a ‘product of colonial times’. Whether hero or part-time villain, at his best he was outstanding, deserving the title sometimes bestowed upon him of “father of Australia’.

News & Editorial

  • He ‘Dropped a Pin’ on Australia – Lachlan Macquarrie More Details
  • Editorial – Your Editor Was Too Busy Shaping More New Projects…
  • Renniks’ Catalogue ‘In with a Chance’ – ‘Oddest’ Book Award More Details
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  • Lisa: A Ship Off the Old Blair Block – Lisa Blair’s Solo Antarctic epic More Details
  • Biggle’s Jolly
    Jersey Joy-Flight – Magnificent men & their WWI flying machines More Details
  • ASP Overseas Digital Subs – taking ‘Australia’ into new markets More Details
  • Brilliant Guernsey Folklore Artwork Enthralls More Details
  • Ken Pullen Takes Over Bexley Accessories More Details
  • The G/NSW Type A Punctures – Part 1 – By Tom Weir, Arthur Taylor and David Coath More Details
  • Revisiting the 2nd Grey Roo – Part 5 – By Peter van Meurs More Details
  • Collecting the KGV Penny Violet & Green Varieties – Part 4 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Jerry Blair’s Postal Bid Sale No. 164 – Not just another postal sale; a guide to values as well…
  • “The Elite Papuan Philatelic Society Journal Within your ASPMore Details
  • Mighty Papuan Lakatoi Hiri Voyages Live on (Part 6) – By Hans Proebsting More Details
  • Loina Lost to Bass Strait – Another DH86 crashes & all are lost – by Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • A History of Australia’s Involvement in WWI – Part II – By Mandy Parry-Jones More Details