Volume 8 Issue 5

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Few centenary events resonate so much with Australians and New Zealanders as the departure of the first convoy of troop ships from Albany, WA, in 1914. We didn’t even guess then, but we know now, what a hell they faced and how many of those great young Aussie lads (and men!) we would lose. All as some Australians now realise, in the interests of British power and trade. It doesn’t detract from the ANZAC legend or from our Digers’ valour, but it might make us avoid such stupid waste in future and losing control of our own men in the field of battle. Policies should be ours!

News & Editorial

  • The Bugle Calls Us for a Great 2015 Event (Editorial)
  • The KGV Bible is Back – The New BW KGV Catalogue More Details
  • Stamp Collection Center (sic) Shows ‘The Lot’ More Details
  • H.U. Kendall & Co. Changes Hands More Details
  • AVAST ME JERSEY HEARTIES! – The Jersey Pirate Stamps Set Sail More Details
  • Brisk Bidding At Phoenix Woodblock & KGV Sales More Details
  • KEVIII Block Sets OZ Record – AU$438,365 (approx.) for Single Item (only known surviving item from Australian KEVIII recalled issue) More Details
  • ANZAC Convoy Centenary – Our Boys Head For ANZAC Cove More Details
  • International Airmail Hike Will Hit Stampies – Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Collectors ‘Sweet’ on AP’s ‘Sour’ Design – Further on pineapple flaws – By Hans Proebsting More Details
  • Stunning Items, with Celebrated Past Owners, Hit the Jackpot – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • The KGV 1d Red Part 11 – Printing Errors (Incl. TIN SHED varieties) – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Worst Aviation Disaster in New Zealand’s History – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • Jerry Blair Postal Bid Catalogue No. 157
  • The Colourful World of KGV Penny Red Shades – Part 7 – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • The Inkspots Appear in PNG – Supported by the Misprints – By Jim Maloney More Details
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs Pt 17 – Finally, Mawson staggers back to base – alone More Details
  • Aussie Wireless OPS Secret Role as Yanks Pummel Philippines – WWII More Details
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