Volume 9 Issue 3

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ASPM062015p001Conventional accounts of Magna Carta once suggested that it was “signed” by King John to whom we owe our democratic way of life. Largely, this proves to be a myth when the facts are known. Rather than being the “great charter” that opened the door to freedom, equality and democracy, Magna Carta appears to have been a failed document repudiated by a sly and power-hungry king who was locked in mortal combat with rebel barons. The latter were simply a greedy lot, interested in their own power and security – so the whole shermozzle was far from the fairy-tale for the common man that’s sometimes told.
It’s still true that Magna Carta was the first document ever to even try to shatter the “divine right of kings” (and queens), or smash the absolute power of kings, or devolve power from a monarch to a bunch of people (just the barons in this case) who were chosen not by a king but by the disgruntled group itself. Magna Carta failed in all of these things. But it lit a fire… It’s a great story!

News & Editorial

  • (Editorial): Editor Regrets Space Unavailable This Issue (lucky readers!)
  • A Tribute to Arthur Gray More Details
  • Sydney Stamp Expo: Some Food for Thought More Details
  • Brighton PS Gears Up For ANZAC and Military (stamp show) Feast More Details
  • A Work of True Genius (The Garry Diffen ANZAC Collection) More Details
  • Delcampe 1 Million Strong More Details
  • APW Settled in New Headquarters More Details
  • A Reluctant King John Seals Magna Carta More Details
  • ‘A Feast of Rarities’ – The Vince Brown Air Mail Collection – By Tony Griffin More Details
  • Collecting the KGV Penny Red Varieties – Part 15 – Die III Constant Varieties – By Dr Scott Starling More Details
  • Rail Crashes Delay the Mail – By Brian Peace FRPSL More Details
  • The KGV 1d Red Shades – Part 10 – Spotting dominant colours in shades More Details
  • Deception Island – “Early Mall from an active Antarctic volcano” – By Albert-Friedrich Grüne More Details
  • Mawson’s Antarctic Trials & Triumphs – Part 21 – Farthest east then homeward bound More Details
  • World War II Part 36 – Germany surrenders – Japan fights on More Details
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